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Spa in Banja village

Spa BaniaIn this spa there are several thermomineral springs of 37°C  temperature and 70 liters per second capacity. Spa is due to climate factors the combination of hydrotherapy, an ideal place with a preventive effects especially for healthy people and athletes. The air in the Spa is very clean and filled with fresh aromatic fragrance of pine trees and blooming linden. This is important because it is known that the proximity of the forest soothing to the man. Spa offers to the visitors the opportunity to enjoy in beautiful Panorama Lim valley...More»

Etno-selo Gaj

Banja village near Priboj on the river Lim

  • Pribojska Banja
  • Pribojska Banja
  • Pribojska Banja
  • Pribojska Banja
  • Pribojska Banja

Banja vilage is located in the central part of Priboj municipality area, 5 km away from the town centre, in South-western Serbia at the altitude of 550 meters. Located at the top of the deep wooded and cultivated river valley and surrounded by mountains of Stari Vlah. In the north of Banja rises the highest point of the montain called Crni Vrh overgrown by pine forests. Lisja rocks under linden and spruce are located on the southern side. Along the left side of Pobijenik Mountain is green Lim river flowing by town of Priboj...More»

Monastery St. Nikola in Banja village

Monastery St. NikolaSt. Nicholas in Banja is one of the most significant monasteries in medieval Serbia. It was built in the centar of Dabar in the second half of the XII century. St. Sava established there one of the first six episcopates of the autochefal Serbian church. For the first episcope he named his pupil from Chilander, Episcope Christopher. The monestery was burnt down at the time of army attack by Kumans. Later it was restored and decorated with frescoes commissoned by King Stefan on Dechani. The monastery was burnt down and then restored several times... More»

terza eta dom za smeštaj odraslih i starih